New setup issues

i got he 3gb mbl, well…it’s definately not plug and play. windows 7 system doesnt even SEE it if i want use windows backup.

2.I now have a Y and a Z drive after changing the name and selecting map. BOTH show up in my explorer as ‘disconnected network drive’ cant delete them. arrggg…

  1. and last but not least…it looks like i ‘starts’ a backup, but then i see 106.21mb of 49gb copied and it’s not moved an inch in half an hour.

new out of the box it wanted me to upgrade the firmware (i think it was ok…i did close the window by accident) and then the wd software asked to be upgaded.

any help greatly appreciated…i’m starting to wonder why i got this.

  1.  Unless you have Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate, you can’t use a network device as a backup destination.

  2.  Sure you can.  Right-click them and select “DISCONNECT.”

  3.  If you werent able to use Windows Backup (as described in Item 1) then what are you using to perform the backup?  SmartWare?