New Router WiFi

I need to buy a new WiFi router and would like to know which one you recommend.

I will be connecting WD TV Live 2011 and a couple of notebooks.

I’d like to be able to play high bitrate 1080p mkv movies though WiFi.

I was looking for dual band 300mbits routers. But I don’t know if the built in WiFi supports that speed (some vendors requiere their own adpaters to reach that speed).

I also read in this forum that the unit won’t support 5Ghz band. So …

Any experiences/suggestions will be appreciated.


Before buying a new router, I would recommend you spend a little time on smallnetbuilder

They have an excellent section for wireless routers including reviews and performance charts.

Having said that however, with 1080P, you’re really just rolling the dice if you expect to do it with wireless.

Sometimes it will work but many times it won’t.

If you really can’t get an ethernet cable to your WDTV, people are having far better luck with the newest versions of Ethernet over Powerline adaptors.

The reviews show transfer rates quite a bit higher than the real-world sustained rates of wireless-N.

Again, all this info can be found at the site I linked above and others as well.

If you have a router with an external antenna … this might be worth a try, much cheaper than a new router… 

still would recomend a hard wired solution for hi-res / def video streamming.

hope it helps.


I have a cheap TPLink 300mbs wireless router. Works fine except that I need to connect the WD wired. The PC has a wireless, 150mbps card and streaming Blue Rays works fine. If I connect the WD using wireless, even though it is 2 feet away from the router, my DVD’s even stutter. One more tip that worked for me is to assign a static IP address for the WD on the router. Using a dynamic IP resulted in stuttering, even though wired and not wireless.

BTW I have owned DLink and Linksys wireless  routers in the past. All were **bleep**, imho,. As strange as it sounds, the cheaper the router, the more reliable they seem to be. I am happy with the TPLink. Never drops the wireless, whereas the opther ones dropped daily,