NEW RMA Blue Caviar HDD showing up in DEVICE Manager,and BIOS,but not under Windows Explorer!

Hello there,

  I recently had my Internal 500GB Blue Caviar which I use as a secondary hard drive for Storage go defective. I still have my 74GB Raptor i use for all my APPS, add the O.S.

When I received my replacement HDD, I hooked up the two SATA wires in the back, booted on, went to BIOS, saw my new 500GB in Sata  #6 Mobo slot, and my Raptor in SATA #5. They were both enabled…BUT Under the boot sequence, I only see the Raptor-First Boot, IDE CD/DVD player -Second Boot, IDE CD player Third Boot, and then BOOT from any device is the fourth Boot.  I can’t see my 500GB under this sequence.

I rebooted and went to DEVICE MANAGER and under Disk drives, I saw the two drives there and under properties, they are both working properly.

When I open WINDOWS EXPLORER, I only see the Raptor HDD, which is my Local C: Drive.

I thought this SATA hook-up was supposed to be easy. Now what do I have to do to have windows see this second drive?

I do not believe I received any CD install discs with these two new WD HDD’s two years ago, but I still have the MSI P-35 Platinum Mainboard Utility disc and wondered if at all this would help. 

I opened Computer management window and saw the one primary disk, (C: Partition basic) then  below that screen is two more> DISK 0 Basic disk  69.23GB Online.  HEALTH SYSTEM

Below that is DISK 1 Basic 465GB Online. UNALLOCATED

What would I need to do to make this whole 500GB HDD the Storage Secondary Disk?   I don’t want to partition or make a Dynamic drive.

Thank you!  

You do realize that before you can use a new internal drive, you have to partition and format the drive.  When it says that the drive is “Unallocated,” that means that it hasn’t been partitioned or formatted, yet.  On WD’s support knowledge base site, you can search and find articles that tell you how to format in every windows os.