New Release - WD TV Live Streaming Firmware Version 2.03.20 (4/20/16)

WD is pleased to announce the release of the WD TV Live Streaming Firmware Version 2.03.20.

General information

The following applications have been removed due to the end of support for this product from the applicable service provider:

  • ABC iView
  • DailyMotion
  • Funspot
  • Flixster
  • Hulu Japan
  • Live365
  • MediaMarkt
  • RedBull
  • Saturn
  • YouTube Videos App

Resolved Issues

  • Resolved device lockup issue when streaming video
  • Resolved issue of Youtube SSL v3 deprecation.
  • Resolved issues with Facebook app API error by changing to v2.0 API.
  • Resolved issue of SiriusXM app crash during streaming.
  • Resolved Twitter login issue.
  • Resolved issue of white screen displayed few seconds when launching AOL On
  • Resolved issue of SnagFilms not loading videos.
  • Resolved MyTV SSL issue.
  • Resolved issue of RSS feeds quit after a short delay.
  • Resolved issue of Video Playback Sequence option does not work.
  • Resolved issue of unable to unlock My Book HDD via IR remote with the first attempt.
  • Resolved issue of unable to recognize My Book Duo when the drive is locked.