New Release - My Net Router Firmware Updates (10/4/12)

WD is happy to announce its release of the My Net Family Router firmware updates for the…

Please feel free to post your experiences in this thread.


Note :  We are continuing to improve the firmware for the My Net Family of products.  The new version of firmware for the N900 Central and N900 brings further improvement to the platform – more tuning of FasTrack Plus and lots of detailing work on storage/media scenarios.

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I installed this version and it works well, but i did need to reboot all wireless connected PC’s afterwards. For some reason their throughput was very slow until they were rebooted. 

One Flaw i have noticed is that port 443 is not stealthy on the WAN side regardless of the settings.

If “Enable HTTPS server” under the Admin/Administrator menu is set to ON then port 443 is open on the WAN (internet) IP address

If it is set to OFF port 443 is “closed” but is not stealth like the rest of the ports. 

I used GRC SheildsUp for the tests (

FYI, I just updated to the new firmware and also ran “Shields Up” due to your experience.  However, in my case all ports were stealth (with and without “Enable HTTPS server” enabled).

For the first time, my Xbox 360 can pick up the MyNet 900 C as a source for media…however when I try to connect to it,  I get the ol “Can’t connect to the PC. A Firewall may be blocking the connection” message. I don’t have anything blocked. In fact, I can access the drive on my macbook retina and pc (win 7). Am I missing something in the router settings?

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I am having similar issues when I attempt to view media files using my Galaxy Tab 10.1 android tablet. The previous version of the firmware there was browsing issues wherein you could not parse into subdirectories, This version of the firmware that issue seems to have been resolved (Thanks to WD customer service dept for listening to my bug reports) but when I attempt to view the files themselves they give error “This media cannot be played”.

The same files work OK from windows based PC’s - this baffles me. Looks that certain Video MIME types are not shared on the SAMBA server to Android devices!??:angry:

Looks that we still have “SAMBA” issues with Android devices.

* As reported earlier in this thread  now the subdirectories are getting listed OKAY and I can access my Family photos (JPG files) from any Android based devices but *video* files do not work. It does not matter what extensions the files are (AVI, MP4, WMV, etc; etc;) none of the video file types work with Android devices. 

Issues fixed:

* WD Live / Live+ WD live hub are now able to see all the files and directories from My net N900 Central and the issue of "UNTITLED VOLUME"is resolved - Big Thumbs up! Thank you  WD :smiley:

* WD Live /Live + and WD Live HUB are able to stream video files perfectly THANK YOU WD :smiley:

* Parsing subdirectories from Android based devices are fixed however cannot play video files, JPG files are okay

Issues still present:

* Restoring a “config” backup causes WD to lose the password - You will have to reset the device by using a paper clip and the password will get reverted to default

* Cannot access Video files from any Android based devices

It is too early to comment on the N900 routinely locking up every 36 - 48 hours issues, I do not use this router as my main router yet as I am waiting on all the issues to be resolved before this goes into being my primary router in the house but so far the fixes looks promising and I will contact customer support again and report the current issues and get them fixed.

Having said, Thanks WD engineers for listening to users like me. I do appreciate the hard work you put behind coding stuff and making this product better .:smiley:

I have a usb wd hard drive connected to router and have enabled dlna. My other devices can only see my HD for a minute or two and than it is no longer detected. When I change dlna in dashboard, i.e. turn off and than back on, it works for another minute or two than I loose connection to HD again??? I tried re-installing firmware and rebooting router, no luck

I have a NEW issue:

My Asus TF300 use to get remote access to my N900 Central and My Book Live. Suddenly it stopped working. When I try to connect to those devices on my network using the WD2GO app, it trys to get me to log in under the admin account. So I put in the password then I get an error message saying it’s having trouble connecting to the devices on my network and to connect to them manually. Well that means entering a new activity code. The device is still listed under the approved device list for each drive but I go ahead and generate a new code to enter on the tablet. I starts to connect then it just stops. 

This is  a weird glitch because my phones  and iPad can still connect to both devices. I’ll try to do a uninstall/reinstall tomorrow to see if it’s just something on the tablet that has gone nuts or something deeper.

Major issue after the update, the login admin password stays default.

-had to “Reset to Factory Default Settings” in order to do the update, just like last time

-here is where it might have messed up? I did NOT save my config because I thought I had it saved already.

-reset to factory

-flashed new firmware

-couldn’t find newest saved config so I restored the one from before the last firmware update (something prior to 1.04)

Now when I set a new admin password it “works” but when I log off/on I need to use the original default password to get in. here is the kicker, if I go to change it again I need to use the new password that I set as the “old” password in order to change it, the one I used to log in doesn’t work.

I did a factory reset and set up everything manually, but it still keeps defaulting back to the factory set password when it reboots.

-UPDATE changed the password again and it seems to be sticking this time. Not sure what I have done in the past to cause it to default back to factory. Will update again when or if I find out.

I updated a couple days ago and have been having the router drop the WAN connection ever since. I’ll be on the internet and all of my network connections will drop, but I can still access the router’s config page. I can’t get to the modem’s during this time. About 15 seconds later the connection comes back up. The modem shows 3 days uptime (I restarted it after the firmware update on the router) and nothing weird in the logs… pretty sure it was caused by this update.

Anyone else having similar issues?

im getting the exact same problem keeps booting me out of guild wars 2 every 20-30 mins real annoying

I have the same problem, after the new update to the firmware my router is disconnecting my connection and I can’t do anything without reseting it all the time. it’s annoying and it’s a real problem because I can’t navigate more than 1h without loosing the connection and reseting the router again and again…I’m quite sure there is a problem with the new firmware because before I didn’t had this problem and my router was working days without any problem.

anyone knows some solutions for this problem?

Well…I had the disconnection problem before the last firmware update. Post-update, I haven’t had any noticable drops. I’m not home 24/7 to test it out so it could be dropping when I’m not around. Before, it would drop at random. So much so that I nearly disconnected the router and was going to use my old one.

edit: and about 10 minutes after I posted that, the network went down for a couple of minutes. Jinxed myself with that one.

It went away for me when I did a factory reset.

Does anyone know how can I restore my firmware to the original version and not 1.05.12 which is the latest.

I searched on the wd site a list with all firmware for my wd my net n900 central router but I can only find the latest one, I want to try restoring to it’s factory firmware to see if this is the problem for my problems or maybe it is something else.

It’s very very very annoying to reset my router every 30-60 minutes, I can’t do anything on long term without loosing the connection.

Any advice would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Just wanted to add that the same problem is still occuring, just at a much lower frequency. Before I did the factory reset it was dropping the WAN line at least once an hour, now it seems to be about daily.

What’s strange is some connections seem to keep going, like Netflix. Maybe it’s just the TCP side that’s going down?

Hi, I am using Killer Wireless N 1103 card which is capable of running 450Mbps in N mode.

I have no issue when connecting to 5Ghz Band in 40Mhz mode. However, I can’t connect at the full speed to 2.4Ghz Band, since the router automatically sets the Channel Width to 20Mhz mode all the time at startup.

I think this is a bug in this firmware, because there is no neighborhood around my area using wireless networks, but the router still automatically sets it in 20Mhz mode. This is causing a great reduction in my wireless speed…

Therefore, I would like to request to separate between 20Mhz and 40Mhz modes in Channel Width for the next firmware build.

Other than that, this router works fine for me, I am using inSSIDer to check the range and it is much better than my old router Linksys E4200 v1.

Hope you can fix the channel width issue in the next release and if possible Qos also needs to improve, because I am still experiencing a high latency ( >800ms ) during a peak hour when all of my family members are at home.

Updated on 30 -31 Oct:   There are some problems that occur when I am using this router

Firstly, Manual DNS which is set in WAN / Internet Setup tab doesn’t work.

For example: I set Norton DNS as my primary DNS and OpenDNS as a second DNS. When I tired some random unreal website like

The router sometime redirects me the Norton safe search website and sometime it doesn’t or most of the time it redirects me to my ISP’s DNS which I don’t want to use.

–> Well, I tried to turn off DNS Relay in LAN tab and it works ok for me now. But I do want to have DNS Relay in order to hide the DNS that I set in the router. Is there a way to make the router only uses DNS that I defined in WAN setting ?

Secondly, there are problems with a password and registration setting. 

Every time I change a major setting that required a reboot to complete, such as: Disable DNS Relay or Qos, the router always reverts it back to the original password which is " password ", I have to change it to my password again in Admin tab and it happens quite often so I believe it is also a bug.

I tried to use many browsers to register my router, but when I click  the Register button, the router doesn’t do anything and for one time I successfully registered my router. However, the router still displays a notification that reminds me to register my router in the next reboot ?!

Btw, with firmware Version 1.05.12, the router’s webpage is not very responsive when using Chrome and Opera… :neutral_face:

Please find a way to fix all the above issues in the next release. 


Thanks in advance. 

zbeyuz wrote:

Secondly, there are problems with a password and registration setting. 


Every time I change a major setting that required a reboot to complete, such as: Disable DNS Relay or Qos, the router always reverts it back to the original password which is " password ", I have to change it to my password again in Admin tab and it happens quite often so I believe it is also a bug.



I was having the same issue when using passwords > 8 characters.

No issues with <= 8 characters.

It seems there is an eight character limit on the password.


Thanks kdgrills, but I don’t think it was a problem in my case, because my password is 7 characters long :neutral_face:

This is rather than a bug in the firmware and need to be fixed in the next release hopefully… 

P/s: I suggest to add a feature such as: Bandwidth Monitor to know how much bandwidth all the users are using though IPs or Macs

Does anyone know when the new firmware will be released  for My Net N900 ?

I has one Asus RT-N66U router which is used as an access point, because its signal is strong and the support from the community is very good, Asus also releases their firmware monthly to fix all the bugs.

Hope WD can release new firmware regularly like Asus is doing right now.

Fighting !!!