New Release - My Cloud Firmware Versions 2.31.149 (10/19/18)


WD is happy to announce the release of My Cloud Firmware 2.31.149 for manual download at for the following My Cloud products.

· My Cloud
· My Cloud Mirror Gen2
· My Cloud EX2 Ultra
· My Cloud EX2100
· My Cloud EX4100
· My Cloud DL2100
· My Cloud DL4100
· My Cloud PR2100
· My Cloud PR4100

What’s new?

Security Fixes

• Resolved multiple command injection vulnerabilities including CVE-2016-10108 and CVE 2016-10107.
• Resolved multiple cross site request forgery (CSRF) vulnerabilities.
• Resolved a Linux kernel Dirty Cow vulnerability (CVE-2016-5195).
• Resolved multiple denial-of-service vulnerabilities.
• Improved security by disabling SSH shadow information.
• Resolved a buffer overflow issue that could lead to unauthenticated access.
• Resolved a click-jacking vulnerability in the web interface.
• Resolved multiple security issues in the Webfile viewer on-device app.
• Improved the security of volume mount options.
• Resolved multiple security issues in the EULA onboarding flow.
• Resolved leakage of debug messages in the web interface.
• Improved credential handling for the remote MyCloud-to-MyCloud backup feature.
• Improved credential handling for upload-logs-to-support option.

Components Updated

• Apache -v2.4.34
• PHP -v5.4.45
• OpenSSH -v7.5p1
• OpenSSL -v1.0.1u
• libupnp -v1.6.25 (CVE-2012-5958)
• jQuery -v3.3.1 (CVE-2010-5312)

Other Bug Fixes

• Resolved high CPU utilization with ufraw-batch process.
• Improved remote host port handling



It all installed fine, There are vulnerabilities dating back to 2010, 2012 and 2016 in this update and I have the question in my mind; “What other reported vulnerabilities are stil there to be fixed?” . Happy to see some of the core components like PHP and Apache being updated. Just curious why just for manual update?


Unfortunately the update has not fixed this particular issue.


Every time the NAS is restarted the Media Scan soon stops. This was occurring with the previous firmware.


It’s still working, but something that I don’t really need is not working and that’s the option to allow the NAS to hibernate and wake-up on a schedule. The scheduler will turn off the DL4100, but it will not power-up at the designated wake-up time.

It’s this feature I’m on about …


@Myron are you sating the power schedule is no longer working after you updated to firmware 2.31.149 ?


It has never worked at any firmware revision. It will shut down but does not wake up


@SBrown as @Gramps stated, it’s never worked. It would have been useful to hibernate the NAS during the night when it will not get used.


I wonder how many NAS owners have installed this update since it was released? (Just curious.)


E-mail notifications do not work. I have configured it correctly as I can get the NAS to send a test e-mail. Something that needs fixing.


This shutdown/startup feature has worked for me. I hear it shutdown at 10 PM and when I come home from work it is powered up just as I set it to do so. I will upgrade to the new firmware tonight and see if it still works for me.


I do off at say 10pm and on at 7am
does not wake up


I don’t know why mine works. I do have mine plugged into a UPS via the USB port if that has any effect.