New Release - My Book Live Firmware Version 02.43.03 – 022 (10/8/2013​)

The LED is green and blinking. The only known operation the NAS could possibly be doing, given that I control the rest of the LAN and have tried shutting down all other devices, is to be creating a safepoint.

Yes, I have tried rebooting the router and have tried IE, Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

Having found other posts about safepoint operations, I tried restarting the NAS which came back up and reported “there was an error updating your safepoint”. It also marked ALL past safepoints as “Invalid safepoint operation” when I know from previous maintenance over the last year that they were OK in the past.

I purchased a dumb USB storage device and am in the process of moving my files off this Live Duo device.  The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for the Live Duo has simply become UNACCEPTABLE.

I had the same thing happen to me.  After I did the firmware update it continually says intializing device.  I waited overnight and it still says the same thing.  If I hit Esc it goes away for a moment but comes right back.  I tried restarting the MY BOOK and my computer multiple times with no good results.  I tried reUpdating the firmware in between hitting Esc and still received no good results.

When I purchased this unit the set up was not an easy process.  I wonder who does the quality control for this equipment.  I see many similar complaints yet the company does not offer any resolution.  Maybe they should beta test these things with the average computer user before they release them.  If I cant get this resolved soon I guess I will have to buy a different unit and I doubt it will be a WD.

If you have a failure with the firmware update that bricks your MBL, then just use a debrick guide from this forum to fix your MBL. It’s very simple.  Firmware upgrades on any device are prone to bricking a device.

after reading all of this, i think i will pass on this update, thanks 


I have a bricked 3TB mybook live. I copied the files off of the data share and would like to run a debrick shell script that will replace the OS on the drive for the mybook server. Question: How and where do I obtain (i.e. manually download, as my unit is “bricked” i.e. white light)  the current version of OS for the drive to perform a manual install using the script that I obtained. It fails when it tries to locate the current version on the wdc website. If I could download it and change the script, it will proceed.

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Did you check out the debricking method shown in this thread?

Let me know if that helps.

Hello, i’m sorry for my english.

About two years ago I bought a my ybook live . Few months ago I bought another my book live for data backups. They are connected to the same LAN. My dlna client applications (on android, etc) are able to see only the new my book live, but not the old one. So i checked out the settings of the two my book live and I found (in settings/multimedia) that the older one has the twonky server, but the newer one has the dlna server. So I checked out the firmware version of the two devices, and with my surprise I found out that the version is the same: MyBookLive 02.43.03-022 : Core F/W.  If I try to update the firmware of my older my book live I get: il firmware è aggiornato (firmware updated, in italian). Is it possible to have the same firmware with two different multimedia server? How can I have the dlna server with my older my book live device?




You can switch between Twonky and WD media server.

Downloads have a “Patch” and you can swop back.

See here

Click on “instructions” then scroll down… 

Hope that helps.


Starting this morning I’ve been getting an email alert message once an hour from MBL that The firmware update was succesful. What’s going on here?

I have download this file for update the firmware for my booklive for my mac gpl-source-mybooklive-02.43.03-022 3.

How can update the unit by ssh what is the command?

Is this file correct by mac?

PD: I can´t update the unit by UI automatic or manual because is blocked without I check in Dashboar in utilies

my MBL won’t update. its a few years old.

aske SD about file to dl to manually update. they said to send the unit in. really?

i bet most all my hardware at home the usr is allowed to updgrade firmware manually. 

guess i need to find another storage/media server

Can WebDAV please be replaced by a modern equivalent which allows large file compatibility?

I am currently overseas and i do not have my Ip address with me. Could I update manually because i have urgent backup updates which i wish to safe as I’m fustrated wiht the update that can only be done through the dashboard.

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WD user (ivan)

I am also facing the same issue in firmware version  02.43.03-022. I cannot enable Twonky server using the patch available in

Any one got Twonky this working on MBL after the firmware upgarde to 02.43.03-022?

I also cannot login to dashboard sence the latest firmware update.

I have ssh enabled and have established that dynamicconfig.ini is blank and cannot be created because /dev/md0 is full at 1.9GB.

a) How do I find out what is in /dev/md0, given that it is not a directory?

b) How do I delete from there?

c)  Anything that i should not delete?

d) How to prevent recurrences?


is there a firmware update (anywhere) for this product we install manually?

its BS WD says no and that i can ship it back to them for them to install the update then ship it back to me. thats crazy.

I think it’s still available at

md0 is a raid filesystem based on /dev/sda1 and /dev/sda2.  It is not your media data, this is held on /dev/sda4.

If you need to delete stuff from md0 manually…

Open up the NAS, take out hard drive.  Attach it to a Linux machine, or use a LIVE CD for Linux to boot up your PC with the NAS disk attached.  From a Linux command line, you can then mount each side of the raid:

sudo mkdir /mnt/rd1

sudo mount -t ext3 /dev/sda1 /mnt/rd1

sudo mkdir /mnt/rd2

sudo mount -t ext3 /dev/sda2 /mnt/rd2

Now you can delete stuff from /mnt/rd1, just make sure you do the same to /mnt/rd2.

I’m sure there are smarter ways to do this, but I’m learning too.

Just tried this latest version of the My book live update and am sorry to have to report that it is stuck at 90% complete.

Upgrading from to  What do I do to stop the failed upgrade and get back to a working NAS?

For those who are experiencing problems with access Shared folders (Shared Videos, Shared Photos…) - make sure you have the folowing rights on that folder:



You can do it using FileZilla. Make sure you have configured the FTP access first.