New Release - Acer abFiles App for My Cloud Products (10/1/15)

WD is very happy to announce the release of the Acer abFiles App for the My Cloud Mirror, My Cloud Expert Series, and the My Cloud Business Series products.

  • Acer abFiles makes it easy to access files stored on a user’s PC or NAS from any of their devices over a wireless or mobile network, making file management on the go easier than ever. After installing the abFiles app on their My Cloud NAS (supported models: My Cloud Mirror, My Cloud Expert Series and My Cloud Business Series), the user will only need to sign-in with their Acer ID through the web administration interface, and the My Cloud will be added to their personal BYOC setup, with files readily accessible from any of their connected devices.

For more information on installing and configuring Acer abFiles please refer to Knowledgbase Article 13117.