New purchase and got damaged hard drive


I am in a very difficult situation and I feel like this is not gonna be solved soon. I purchased PR2100 with 2 WD Reds from WD online store and got the package delivered in a week and when I unboxed it I found out that one of the Hard Disk was damaged. I have called and made incident (200814-004010)

I am now in a tricky situation where I cannot use the stuff that I ordered nor can I return it since its damaged!

Also tried to reach out to WD on twitter (so now in total via 3 different platforms)

No replies so far and its very unfortunate that now as a customer even after paying full amount I have to wait at the mercy of WD to find time to reply and resolve the issue.

Still no resolution … I have been calling them every other day. I would think very hard buying anything from WD again