New PSU / Recovering data from a G-Speed Q?

Hi All

Just had a customer pass me a a very dead looking G-Speed Q 12TB Raid chassis.

No LEDs, No Fans, so suspecting the PSU is dead.

As usual it’s their only copy and would like the data from it :slight_smile:

Can anyone tell me where in UK/EU/World I can get a new PSU for it? Or possibly some details on the RAID format so that I can mount it under Linux and move the data to a new system?



The RAID controller on the unit is not adaptable by software. The best option would be to source out another G-Speed Q that matches the interfaces. USB 2 or USB 3 version and swap the drives.

Hi Rydia, thanks for the quick response.

The G-Speed Q is 4 drive unit. Definitely PSU failure having seen it.

Do you have any details about if the unit uses a standard Linux RAID system? If so it would presumably be possible to attache the drives to a Linux server, reassemble the RAID, cord migrate data to a new system?


It is not a software RAID, it is a hardware RAID managed by the controller on the Q.

Hi Rydia

So the hardware RAID implemented by the controller isn’t compatible with any standard linux RAID software?

Netgear ReadyNAS’s for example, their controller uses standard Linux software so I can attach the drives to a normal linux server, then using read the RAID using standard LVM tools


No it is not compatible with any Linux based software.