New product request

I am looking forward to a new version of the WD ShareSpace NAS server with USB 3.0, SATA 6 Gb/s and 3 TB Hard drives.  Looking forward to a whopping 12 TB of great network storage.

 Thanks WD. :smiley:

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I second that!


Who say you that? Oo

Its just a box with too many hards inside, who can’t work a few days without reboot and can share file over all except default lan protocol.

It is strange to me how so many on this forum complain (and out right **bleep**) about problems with the WDShareSpace NAS. I have not experienced any of the problems reported in any of the discussion threads. I too am eagerly waiting for (and hoping that WD will actually release one) the 12TB version in hopes that I can expand my .iso movie collection. My PopCorn Hour NMT reads just fine from my 8TB WDShareSpace and I have NEVER experienced any issues. Thanks WD for a great product.