New Processor from Sigma Design available mid. July with "xmbc" Build in

I hope a new Mediaplayer from WD comes out with xmbc Build in Support. 

Yup I was exited to find out about this release as well

Let’s hope WD gets some hot device with this new baby

I am only in for one if the network connection issues are fixed. I love my device, but I’m thinking of throwing it away.

There’s rumors that this is the new WDTV device called “WDTV Play” but it doesn’t say what kind of chip is in it.

Nothing is mentioned on what it will be able to do but i doubt many if any use their Roku for gaming and I doubt anyone would want to use this for gaming either. 

I’ll be interested to see what people can do with the Ouya.

yep, i think the WD TV Play is a small “gaming console” and not a high end Media Player.

Gaming is not my stuff so I will pass on the WD Play. I’m hoping for a new gen of the WD Hub coming out with the new Sigma SoC.