New PR4100 owner 16TB questions


Hello, I am a new NAS owner and here are a few reasons why I went this route.

1- I have like 15 or more old drives laying around with data from various old machines and want to consolidate these old and new files in one area. Once I save the files I want to keep I can get rid of the many drives that’s doing nothing but collecting dust.
2- I want to use AWS S3 to backup my NAS once I move the files over and as I add new files later.
3- I may want to add users to share files like movies I have create and/or photos to family members.

1- after reading this community page, is it simply a move of files from the old drives to the NAS using Win file manager creating a hierarchy of folders for these files?
2- should I start the AWS process as I move the files over or wait until I complete the overall task of the move then start the AWS S3 backups?
3-I will read more about Plex but is this the way to share my videos and photos once the files are moved over?

I know this was a lot to start with and I am reading the manuals and help information but I thought I’d get some first hand opinions since I am new with this device.

Thank you in advance…


Never mind!!