New Pr4100 copy from Das (drobo5d)


I’ve just bought a Pr4100.
As a photographer/videographer at the moment I’m using a Das (drobo 5d) connected to my iMac to work and storage files.
My need at the moment is create a copy of all my data into the Nas but the volume of my work in the past 6 years is around 13TB and I was wondering if there is any chance to connect (via Ethernet I suppose) the PR4100 to the iMac and synchronise for the first time all the files that I’ve inside the das.
Drobo has 2 thunderbolt.
Would be perfect for me schedule a daily/weekly synchronisation that will go on trough WiFi/rooter for the future.
Have a nice weekend and thanks for your help.

Hi Mattpel,

You can access My Cloud PR4100 on your iMac through and connect your DAS, Drobo5d to it. So that you will be able to do data transfer between My Cloud and Drobo5d. However, My Cloud PR4100 supports WD Sync to sync data files stored in iMac with My Cloud.

Hi @asp73,

Thanks for your reply.

In the end I found a way to transfer files and sync them.

As you wrote I connected the pr4100 to the Mac directly and using carbon copy cloner I’m able to sync the das with the wd.
Carbon copy cloner is a paid program able to backup files between external HD. Is a program really reliable that I’m using since 2014.

At the moment any change I’m doing inside the drobo are copied inside the pr4100.

Happy days :slight_smile: