New Power Schedule interface terrible!

Hi There,

First post on here as I’ve never had any problems with my WD My cloud ex2 until I upgraded my firmware to 2.10.302…big mistake!

I had the Power Schedule setup perfectly using the really easy and simple interface, but now it’s terrible!

Can we have it back as it was, so much easier to understand and use, I haven’t got a clue how to set this new one up!

So if some kind person can explain how it’s supposed to work I’d be really greateful!

For example, how can you tell what the times are?

What is off? Black? or blue?

Another thing that’s changed is all my blue lights at the front of the mycloud are now on all the time where as before the only came on while in use.

Hopefully somebody can help me get my head around the new settings, but please, please WD put them back as they were.



Welcome to the Community.

At this moment the interface does not feature a color palette swap option. The LED activity behavior has also been changed.

Hi There,

i’m a confused about why you mentioned colour palette?

I’m talking about how good the power schedule controls were, nice easy sliders to set the time for switching my ex2 on or off at what ever time I set.

Now it’s a row or circles for pm and am which to me doesn’t make any sense at all. 

Please somebody explain how with this new power schedule interface I can set my ex2 to turn off at 11:00pm every evening and turn back on every morning at 8:00am preferably using a screen capture so I can see how it’s supposed to work now it’s changed to this weird interface.

kindest regards


Did you figure it out ? completely not intuitive…

I too have struggled with the UI for the Power Schedule Settings; not really very user friendly.

My Cloud Power Schedule Settings

By Default all of the settings are set to “ON” i.e., the circles are “Blue”.
If you only want certain times for the device to be “ON” it is best to set all of the circles to “Black”; which is “OFF”. Then select the “ON” days and times.
The greyed circles mean “OFF” and the half gray and Blue mean an “ON” schedule for that day.

The interface is actually pretty simple. Black circle indicates that the device is off for that time period. Blue indicates that it is on.

To first look at the new power schedule, it is not intuitive and simple. you don’t have instructions on how it works to begin with, that isn’t helpful. You must have a better idea than that to make more user friendly.

I just switched from a Netgear NAS to My Cloud EX2 Ultra and so far I love the new box and software. The one big thing that disappoints me is the Power Scheduler. I felt like I was back in 2000 by clicking circles for blocks of time. I was hoping for a UI that allowed me to be specific for ON and OFF. Thanks to this group, I learned the color codes to have the box get close to my schedule. Also the manual needs to be updated to match the Settings. The manual still talks to a slider bar. So far, everything else is looking good.

The way nothing has changed since 2015, I really thought it was terrible, so I just figured it works in even hours, if I want to call 7:00 p.m. and turn off at 9:00 p.m.?

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