New player - general issues

I got a live streamer last week, all set up but have a few issues, wondering if anyone has similar/can advise?

1: live streamer, but the boot up screen says “wd live hub”…
2: Netflix (primary issue for buying this), I can start a film, but the remote, once started is unresponsive, sometimes a film will stop (not often), or we pause a film, and the remote has no effect…the only way round this appears to be to pull the power and reboot the box, then start up Netflix again.
3: should the boot process take >1 minute?
4: the iPhone remote from the App Store - doesn’t seem to have any effect.
5: about to return this unit - just wondering if there is something I can do first?
6: the streamer usually fails to pick up the USB drive I have connected to it…unpredictable, but more often than not it doesn’t show…

The unit is positioned about 12 feet from the streamer -?had no issues with anything else I use to connect to the web, such as the TV itself which sits just above the streamer.


What version of firmware are you using?

SETUP / ABOUT will tell you.


Firmware version: 1.13.18
iPhone remote app started working!
Looks like a good bit of kit, and most reviews I read do indicate some issues as you’d expect, but not as many as I’m having - would be a shame to write off what looks like a good bit of kit if I have a faulty unit/can fix.