New PiDrive is only showing 500GB


Thank you so much for the fast and efficient service!  I’m definitely glad I went with WD  :)


WD Support, if you’re reading this, I too have a drive reporting 500.1GB capacity after fdisk. Please help.



Edit: I just saw the Windows fix on the previous page. I will try this ASAP.


My Pi drive was also showing 500 gig. Ran the Capacity Restore listed above and all is well.
On a side note, when I plugged the Pi Drive into the USB of my Win7 desktop, the drive showed up in My Computer as a USB drive with 0 (zero) capacity.
However, when I ran DataLifeGuard Diagnostics (ver. 1.29) for Windows, the drive showed 500gig before the restore and 1000gig after.


Same problem here. Tried the capacity restore prog (after finding a windows computer – I have Macs)… no go – does not detect drive.


Add me to the Me Too list and start a new list for slow to the game.
The zip file expanded my Drive to 1TB !!


Is the software supposed to work on larger drives? I have a Passport that is really 4 TB but it is showing 2TB. I’ve tried this fix, but it doesn’t recognize the disk as being there. Is there some trick to make this drive the “targeted” drive?

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I should have mentioned. I’m referring to the “WD Drive Capacity Restore” program.