"New" photos not available on 'media share' and 'iphone using WD Photos.'

If we add new pictures and albums to the already existing collection of pictures on ‘My Book Live’, then they don’t appear on WD Photo app on ‘media share’ and ‘iphone’

— Media share: I use my book live as a media share drive on Sony bravia TV, WD TV Live, Laptops etc … for laptop it is fine as u just have to access the drive.

But for Bravia TV and WD TV Live u have to rescan the ‘my book live’ so that new pictures appear on the media share.

— Iphone: the new pictures just don’t appear even after rescanning ‘my book live’ or after clearing the cache of the app on iphone, the pictures only appeared after I restarted the ‘my book live’ a couple of times … which I don’t think is a good option …

There is a service on the My Book Live that transcodes any valid .jpg/.jpeg in the \Public\Shared Pictures folder on your drive. This process does take time, so you may only see a few photos appear after a few minutes. Transcoding depends on the size of the picture and what the drive is doing. Twonky has its own databasing service, so when you add files to the same folders Twonky indexes, the drive will be working on both.

You can clear the cache on your WD Photos app by ending the WD Photos process, going under Settings > WD Photos, and switching the clear-cache toggle. When you restart the app, the cache will clear, which will prompt the app to ask the My Book Live for an updated WD Photos database.

Please try to limit how much you restart your drive while it is transcoding. Moving files around before it has completed transcoding can cause the drive to slow down if you restart it.

Tried again …

uploaded new pictures, some of them appeared quickly (in a few hours) and some did not appear at all (in both iphone app as well as media share), waited for more than a month but still the pictures did not appear … had to restart the drive after that …

any idea how long is the recommended time to wait ??

Again, it depends on how many jpgs you add, as well as their resolution. A few hundred photos should take maybe an hour.

If you are also moving or deleting photos (the transcoder sees moving as deleting, so as far as it’s concerned, moving is deleting) within Shared Pictures, it will take even longer to see those changes. It will first complete transcoding the photos that you’ve since moved, then it will re-transcode them wherever you moved them. A different part of the transcoder will go and delete the removed photos later.

The My book Live arrived last week and, for the money, I’m quite happy.

However, I have struggled to find the correct instructions to get WD Photos working.

I have 13,000 files at 30+gb in 236 folders.
And my system version is: System -> Updates -> Version: MyBookLive 01.03.03 : MioNet

I picked up various pointers on this forum, some of which moved me forward and others which didn’t; before today I had about 6 of the folders visible in WD Photos.

I have just Disabled Hard Disk Sleep (under System -> Energy Saver option) then disabled and re-enabled the mionet service (under Remote Access - Mionet).  Now WD Photos has all of the folders visible, but with no photos in most of the folders.

Then, in the time (10 minutes or so) that it has taken me to write this, almost all photos are now available - Hurrah!

My only remaining gripe is with the mionet software which does not let me save files when accessing them remotely; it seems the only option is to open the file!?


I added a few directories but I could not see them… so

I erased the cache. in wd photos. (settings - WD Photos, Cache erased, set to 2G)

put my hard disk (mybooklive) sleep option to off

stopped and re-started Mionet…

I Start WD Photos

I get MyBookLive icon with the “>”

I Click on it, I get a message :

“First configuration” and then an other one :  “File not found (660)”  and no pictures anymore.


It is a large bank (54G) 20K pictures, so I will let it run for a few days (???)

sometimes, it did update the new directories,

and sometimes it did not…

But now, nothing is available from WD photos, although files are on the disk and mionet is running.

if anybody can help,

thank you

Hi Marcwave,

Did you get the 660 error during first time setup? Or after it complete and then entered the drive? If you clear cache, make sure to kill app and restart for the setting to take place on iOS 4 (multi-tasking version). Sounds like you did as you are getting first time setup - but just to be complete.

You do not need to disable sleep option. As soon as you copy jpg images to Public/Shared Pictures the transcoder should start and drive only goes to sleep after photos have been transcoded.

Depending upon when you get 660 error will help to determine if the transcoding database was not created, or if an image/folder had moved and was not recorded correctly in the database.