New PC

Good Day

I purchased a new pc. Before i set up the new pc i copied all of my documents and pictures and music.

I have attached my passport to the drive and all of my files are shown on the drive G

My problem is if i wanted to backup files using  the WD passport drive the back function showing which type of files to back up  does not show up.  Do I need to install some sort of program


hi, welcome tot he forum.

First, what model is your passport?, also, you said that you copied that files already, how did you do this?

Hello I have a my passport essential. While the external Drive was connected to old pc I copied all my Pictures , documents to the drive that was dedicated On old computer I was able to see the visual Backup for system files , movies. Photos . However when I connect to new pc I do not see The visual backup to backup various files. Normally u double click on the wd smartware Icon and this will bring up Thank you for your assistance I appreciate Very much Jill