New PC, Can't find MBL. Cannot open documents. Folders empty. etc

Hey guys,

So im using MBL at work. 4 PC’s are working perfectly. MBL is connected without problems. So last week we bought a extra PC and with it comes the connection to MBL. Which I can’t seem to get working.

So I’ve turned off the FireWall and deleted the anti-virus. Which did nothing.

WD Acces can’t find the thing.
WD Discovery doesn’t do anything.
Forums about this dind’t help me further.

I’ve added a couple pictures to clear things out.

Here you can see that the network does see the MBL, but double click does sends me to the admin webpage which doesn’t get me any further

WD Discovery does nothing. (link to picture)
Opening the folder here does allow me to show the folders inside the MBL, most of them are empty (which they are not). Or the files that are visible are unknown documents (PC doesn’t seem to have a program to open it, but it has) (link to picture)
Here is a screenshot how that looks (I’ve removed the names of the files). I cannot add new documents or remove documents at this stage. It blocks acces completely. (firewall is off)

At this point the PC is worthless because all files comes from the MBL.


Sorry for the typo’s, English isn’t my first language.

Hi BillieT,

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

The link below will allow you to call support if you are having trouble with the form.

Huge problem is that WD Support in not available in my language which makes it very dificult to explain the problem. I allready contacted support. After explaining for the 5th time what the problem was i hang up. Will try again today. I checked the settings on the PC and comapered it to the setting on the PC where is does work. I can’t seem to find the problem. Thinking of restoreing the PC. Something in PC settings is preventing me to acces the WD.

It can’t be the firewall because it is turned off.