New PC, cannot access MyCloud via it

Hi there …

Had this WD MyCloud 2T for a few years now and it has always been reliable for access, either from my iPad or through my home PC. I have just changed to a new PC this week and while I can still access everything through my iPad, I cannot do it through the 'file, icon pinned to my taskbar.
Before, I was able to right click on either icon ( under network ) and had the option to ‘open’.
Now, if I right click, I get three options … View Device Webpage/Create Shortcut/Propoerties.
If I left click on the WD icons, I get taken to the WD Page, 'Accessing My Cloud .

I have tried rebooting my home router ( via a pin at the rear, if that is the same as ‘reset’ ) but still cannot access MyCloud via the home PC.

Appreciate all advice. Thanks

If you bought a brand new PC with Windows 10, it is possible Microsoft has disabled SMB 1.0 on it due to security reasons. If this is the case one can still reach the My Cloud using it’s IP address. Or one can reenable SMB 1.0 in the Windows settings.

Thank you Bennor, that was an excellent response and very much appreciated.

When I click on ‘Network’ in my file application, it now populates all the previous available folders for me but when I try and open either of the two main storage folders, it just gives me a ‘Enter Network Credentials’ screen and I am not entirely sure what to enter there under user name and password. Whatever I try it rejects. Is this something that has to be set or can it be reset in any way? Cheers

@snoopy48 In the search box of Windows 10 type in Credentials and check to see if something shows for WD My Cloud. If it does try that.

You can also check this in the Control Panel>User Accounts>Credential Manager.