New PC Build, Wd drive appears split into 2 - did Win 7 install do it?

Recently built my first PC in about 9 years.

I purchased the following drives:

WD Black 3TB 3.5" SATA Drive

Samsung 850 EVO 250GB 2.5inch SSD

I switched the PC on and installed my Win 7 disc. The installation process started and I don’t remember being asked to format anything. After completing the install Ive found my SD card has two partitions on it 100MB and 232.79GB – I hear that’s normal now days.

The WD drive has two partitions 2048GB and 746.52GB is that normal?

I was going to fire up my Gparted and clear it but I just wondered why it’s like that? Did win 7 do it or do they come like that now?


Looks like the windows installation created two partitions on the unit.

Most of WD internal drives comes empty with no partitions and they are created during the installation of the OS by the user or if the drive will be installed as a secondary drive, you will need to create the partitions through the windows utilities like disk management.