New Passport Ultra 1tb says unable to backup!

Bought a new Passport Ultra for backups, installed the backup software from the drive, install went fine, closed the program. Hours later when I was done working I opened the WD backup to start a new backup and a red triangle said: “unable to back up files on my Passport Ultra because there is not enough space”.

New 1tb Passport Ultra drive with 931gb free
Alienware 17.3 laptop
Windows 10 Home w/current updates
Total gb I need to backup is only 200gb

How is the Passport formatted?

Came out of the box NTFS, I did not format it as I read all over the net not to.

I would check in Computer to see how much data is actually on the drive. Did you chose just your documents and media, or did you chose the whole C: drive?

Also, why were you starting a new backup? Was it from the same computer you already did a backup on?

Actual data on my C and D drive is under 210gb. Never did a backup as the new drive will not let me, hence my first post.
Any more help will be appreciated.