New Passport Seemingly Erased! HELP!

New My passport Essential 1tb on my macbook pro thats been my back-up drive for time machine and storage for my digital media (Irreplaceable movies, photos and itunes) and plugged it in today and its only showing the “WD Smartware” disk image and folder. No data, none of my info. Its acting like a new drive! Where did my stuff go? can I recover it? i had over 700gb of info on there!  When I get info on the disk image, it says I have 237.5mb capacity and zero available disk space.


Sounds like the drive got corrupted. I don’t know about Macs.


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It sounds like you tried to transfer files from a PC. Am I correct? Mac has disk utilities which is able to fix the disk.

That is if it was formatted for mac.

Is this a laptop? Sometimes mac latops dont provide enough power to those external if it is I would recommend you obtain a power booster cable.

First > The drive’s file system is not corrupted

Second > Based on the information provided, the drive is recognized because the VCD is showing

Solution> Hummmm, it is possible that the drive is password protected. Open the WD SmartWare VCD and run the unlock application. If you’re prompted to insert your password, insert it and hit ‘‘unlock’’. After this, you can verify if the My Book / Passport is recognized.