New passport not go to sleep

I have a new WD passport and have performed a backup on win 8.1.
The drive goes to sleep perfectly on my office computer using win 8.1 which is the source
computer that was backed up.

However when attach the passport to my home computer running win 10 it never goes to sleep, the light stays on all the time and I can feel the drive is on. First of all I would like it to sleep because I
only use it at home to work on files and then trf to my office computer, so being on all the time
probably is not good.

Any ideas why it sleeps on the win 8.1 source computer and never sleeps on the other computer running win 10? The win 8.1 vs win 10 may not have anything to do with it but just in case.

Any comments appreciated.


Hello eagan,

You can check the Energy Saving options in your Windows to put My Passport in Sleep mode. However, WD Drive Utilities also facilitates to enable sleep mode after selected time of not using the drive.