New passport install - SES driver failure

It’s not the end of the world, some basic fiddling will get you up and running.

After the SES driver installation failure nothing happened, didn’t load S/W, configure, etc.

I DID NOT attempt to download new SES drivers … here’s an outline of how I got thru this.

This is a Win7 laptop. Some of this is shortened, like WD instead of Western Digital, you’ll figure it out.

I did not update any software although it gave me ample opportunities … still haven’t, might do that in a few days.

  1. Explorer - expand your passport drive, open the Windows Apps and run the application (double clik)

  2. Navigate to: Start \ all programs \ WD \ WD Apps \ WD Security … this will set up a password if you want one … THE BACKUP AND RETRIEVE TABS IN SMARTWARE WOULD NOT LIGHT UP WITH AUTO PASSWORD ENABLED !!!  As benign as this sounds, when I had to manually unlock the drive everything started working.  Refer to chapter 6 of the manual for pasword info.

  3. Shut down … not restart … and unplug the drive.

  4. Start the PC, plug in the drive … and behold - I got a (little) driver installation window … the WD USB device and the SES drivers … it ran for 4 or 5 minutes and completed successfully!

  5. Shut down, unplug, restart, plug it in … from the WD Quick View in the tray, hit Smartware.

  6. It came up on the Home tab categorizing the files (like previous passports I’ve had) and the passport drive icon has a lock on it. Click it to unlock, wait a moment, and the Backup & Retrieve tabs are now enabled.

7.  Good to Go …

Hope this helps.

Thanks for sharing… this should help some of the users