New passport hard drive is very slow performing back up

I bought a WD 1TB  my passport essential SE, portable hard drive with USB 3. I’ve just set it up and started the back up. It’s been going for half an hour now and has only backed up 19GB. Is this a normal speed because that’s going to take a long time to back up my 600GB. Maybe I’ve used the wrong USB port on my computer? My laptop is about a year old with windows 7.


I just bought a 2TB MyPassport drive and I have the exact same problem. So just hang in there.

I need to transfer over 200GB and it’s showing me an estimated 19 hour transfer time. I am googling as we speak. It’s got to be the USB 3.0 driver on my Asus laptop. Must be causing the port to revert to USB 1.1 speeds. Just a hunch.

Try a different port or test with a different computer