New Passport and installation problems

HI, hoping to get some help here. Just bought a Passport Essential for my daughter for Christmas. Trying to install it.  We are using Wndows XP. Installation gets about 1/3 done and the window completely disappears.  Cannot locate the VCD or SmartWare. exe file anywhere on the drive.

Start up the Passport, double click on the icon.  Completely skips the “set up drive” steps and goes directly to the installation window. Trying to install the smartware without backup.  Installation starts then disappears. What’s going on with that?

You know the old saying:  “They know just enough to be dangerous”? That’s me.  Please keep all answers low tech. I’m not a techy, just a comparatively smart mom trying to help her daugher.

Hello! The passport is the easiest thing to install of their products. IGNORE the cd that came with or smartware software. 

You have windows xp like me. All you need to do is to plug in the USB cable and it will take about 15 seconds and you will be good to go. You might have to plug it in and restart your computer. 

Let me know please!