New owner seeks help

I received my WDTV Live today and would appreciate the answers to a couple of questions.

The firmware would not update to v 1.04.17 from 1.04.10 over the network and although the file downloaded. The machine kept rebooting and prompting that a new firmware was available. After 5 attempts I downloaded the firmware onto a memory stick and installed it successfully that way. Is installing over the network problematic. Am I obliged to accept any future firmware updates or can I refuse them.

I have read that moviesheets generated by Thumbgen can only be viewed with custom firmware. As I am not to clued up on this sort of thing (or confident) is it therefor best to just stick with WD firmware and just view thumbnails.

I have seen the new thumbnail template with metadata added, but when it appears on the screen. Because the thumbnails are too small, the printing isn’t legible. Can the thumbnails be increased in size.

One successful thing that may interest Techflaws is that I am seeing both forced and selected subtitles played from within my MKV files. No need for extracting them and putting them in the same folder as the MKV. Don’t shout at me if this has worked for a while.

As to firmware updates you are asked if you want them or not. The annoying thing is that the unit continues to prompt you regarding a firmware update.