New Owner of WDTV Live just resolved some issues and thought I'd share

Hi all, New to the forum, just bought a WDTV Live after struggling with a Sumvision Cyclone (Sony STR av amp wouldn’t switch on with HDMI connected!) Thought I’d made another mistake with the WD as when I installed the unit and upgraded to the latest firmware (Release 1.04.17) the Media Player would not do the following - 1. 2TB WD Elements drive would not mount 2. The majority of my movies are .MKV with English DTS and although I could play Video, the Media Player would not output any sound (regardless of connections to DTS amp Sony STR-DG710), unless I selected ‘Stereo’ instead of ‘Digital’. After reading on some forums, another user had similar issues. They fixed the issue by downgrading the firmware. So, after some research i found a link to download Release 1.01.17. Put the files on a USB stick, renamed the version to a higher level using notepad then plugged into the WDTV Live and downgraded. With the unit downgraded I can now mount the WD Elements drive and also play .MKV files with no issue. The only problem I have now is with a couple (not all) .MPG files only playing in 2-channel audio. Cheers and Happy New Year James Surrey, UK


I also have a problem with my Sony STR-DB925:

Is it possible that I could solve that problem using your solution?

I’ll just add my observations if I may. Ibought the unit a week ago & have been struggling with it too (much the same as many other folk have). I’m sorted now (nearly) & this is how I’ve ended up :- Windows XP SP3 (by the way). 1. Couldn’t get ‘sharing’ to work no matter what I tried. Always get a username/password screen that stumps me. Installed “Twonky” and used it’s server to access the folders on my hard-drive. Works OK. 2. Now the AUDIO bit. If you play mkv files with DTS - the audio won’t work. Use “Popcorn MKV audio Converter” to convert the DTS to AC3 (i.e. Dolby Digital 5.1). Then select ‘Digital’ on the Video settings of the WDTV box - and play it. Hey Presto - it’s in glorious Dolby Digital 5.1. Even if your decoder has DTS (as mine does), it won’t recognise & decode it. All thats left is an external 1TB Seagate drive that the WDTV can’t see - even tho’ it’s shared like the rest of the partition/folders. Hope that’s of use.

I have no problem with DTS in MKV.   I *AM* having issues with AC-3 2.0 (and ONLY 2.0) in MKVs.

Different people have different audio issues.   

My OTHER Live+ has NO problems with ANY audio on the same files; the only difference is my AVRs (two different models of Pioneer.)   So, the Audio Issues must be HARDWARE specific.

I have Two issues.

The VOB files don’t work.

The subtitle font for Arabic ugly and unreadable. So, if you may change it, please change it to ‘‘Arial.’’