New Network, WDTV sound problems

Hi everyone, a bit of a strange one.
I have a ton of movies stored on a MyCloud and streamed to my WDTV box.
Until last week, everything worked fine with normal, run of the mill broadband, then I upgraded to Fibre and then the problems started.
When I try to watch a movie streamed from the MyCloud, the sound is very distorted, like a very compressed/white noise sort of sound. You can still work out what is being said, but it’s hard work. I couldn’t watch a whole movie like this.
All connections have remained the same to the TV - only the incoming connection has changed. I’ve checked both files I tried to stream this morning from my Mac connecting to the MyCloud, and they’re fine, so I’m completely at a loss.
Next thing would be to attach a HD directly to the WDTV Live and go from there, but that sort of kills what me and the family have the network drive for.
Any pointers very much appreciated .

It’d be “diagnostically interesting” to see what happens if you do that.

Like you, I’m at a loss to think of why changing your broadband provider would have any impact on how the WDTV works playing media on your own network.

Hi Tony, thanks for the reply - I used to have a USB HD attached to the WDTV and it worked fine, just need to format as FAT32 (being a Mac user, that’s alien to me!), so it wouldn’t be a problem as far as playing is concern, just the access for everyone else.
However………… at lunchtime today (in the UK here), I tried it again, and it was fine! Maybe too early to say that the problem is fixed, but seemed ok an hour ago.