New n900 Router - Issues with FasTrack Plus

I’ve just bought a new N900 router and having serious issues with FasTrack Plus.

The problem is that whenever FasTrack is enable I have incredibly slow web browsing.  Roughly 80% of the web sites I visit will either load extremely slowly (several minutes) or not load at all.  Disabling FasTrack instantly solves the problem and every  web site again loads quickly and completely.  Switching the router out with the old D-Link DIR-655 also solves the problem.

The setup is fairly straightforward and I fail to see where the problem could be other than the possibility that the N900 is defective.  The router is connected to a Speedstream 4200 modem to Bell Canada DSL.  I’ve selected PPPoE, 1492 MTU and there’s not much more to it.  Everything else is at defaults.

I’ve loaded the latest firmware, power cycled the router/modem multiple times, reset the n900 to factory defaults, etc.

I’m getting a little frustrated here.  The only thing that solves the problem is disabling FasTrack.  If I try to enable it again, the problem is back, full force.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue, or can shed some light on something I may have overlooked?

Can you run a speed test - to let us know what speeds your Service Provider is providing?  Also, what is the upstream detection showing on the Advanced Settings page? Thanks. gives a result of 5194 down / 661 up.

The n900 detects 723.

Fairly close.

I just wanted to add that the person in this thread seems to be having the exact same problem - also with Bell Canada/Sympatico:

The problems is not just with Sympatico. I’m with Storm and I have the same problem with my browser (chrome) being very slow to load many pages or it wont load at all. (like Vevo for example)

I turned off fast track and the problem is fixed. WD needs to fix this issue seeing as fast track was the reason I bought

this router. I have 12 days left to decide to return this.

I had no problems setting up the router, wireless range seemed average, but with QoS turned on a 350 MB torrent files that would normally take a few minutes to download was going to take a few weeks.

Turning QoS off the download indeed finished in a few minutes.

I was nearing my 30 days and all I got from WD support was “We have received a response from our product Specialist that torrents have much lower priority than media streaming and unfortunately, there is no way to set the priority to high.”

I wasn’t really wanting to change the priority of torrents, I just wanted it to give them full bandwidth if no other computers/clients were active on the system.

Obviously it is not simply prioritizing, it is throttling drasticlly…

Shipped it back yesterday and now looking at the ASUS Dark Knight (but I hear it runs hot)