New MyPassport = lost cause?

So I finally caved in and decided to buy a portable hard drive to protect all my much loved music and treasured photos on the weekend. I chose My Passport cause I was sold by the writing on the box, but I probably should have done some google research first since I see I’m not the only ones having problems. But this stupid My Passport thing is giving me **bleep**. The first test passed but the second two tests have failed. I downloaded that diagnostics program and did the quick test which passed the quick test. I don’t have the receipt anymore and even if I did I really don’t to go through the annoyance/anxiety of having to replace or exchange something that should be working in the first place.

So excuse the rant, but my question is it seems to work fine, but if I continue to use it for storage by just copying and pasting files will the device continue to work? or will it eventually somewhat soonish die on me? and if it does can anyone recommend a good hard drive that won’t screw up the first time I use it? I better start saving up again… I have a feeling $87 just went out the window…

It doesn’t matter who makes the drive never trust important data to just one drive. Try running the formatting the drive with DLG by writing zeroes and then run the long test.


thanks for the advice.