New MyPassport drive operates unprotected

Hi all,

I have the following problem:

I have been using a 4TB MyPassport drive for about 2 years without problems. It is a backup drive that only gets attached every once in a while. Every time I attach it, WD Unlocker comes up and unlocks the drive. The mock CD drive with the WD Unlocker software is always visible.

Now I have added a second 4TB MyPassport - can’t have too many backups ;-). When I attach this to the computer, it immediately becomes visible and usable, without any intervention from WD Unlocker. Plus, there is no mock CD drive with the WD Unlocker software shown for this drive.

To make matters worse, the drive is invisible to both “WD Security” and “WD Drive Utilities” applications (both of which I have just updated to the current versions,

According to Crystal Disk Info, the model of the disk is WDC WD40NDZW-11MR8S0. Firmware version is 02.01A02.

Can anybody tell me what’s going on?