New MyCloud EX2 8TB

I currently have a 2TB My Book World Edition II (white light), and and just purchased a My Cloud EX2 8TB - and just had a thought…what would be the best way to transfer my data from the My Book World Edition to the My Cloud?


Hi, welcome to the community.

The best way to transfer the iformation from one drive to the other would be using the file explorer on your coputer. (Windows file explorer if in Windows or Mac Finder if in Finder).

Hi lluna_polanco, thank you for getting back so quickly. But surly there’s a better way to transfer over 1TB of data from one drive to another. My wifi crashes when large amount of data gets pushed through (with Finder). Is there no ssh connection with them to do something like this or direct FTP as there is FTP on both?


Hi, you can enable SSH or FTP on each of the drives. If you use SSH to transfer the files you will need to know the commands to initiate the SSH copy from one drive to the other.


I’ve been able to log into both with SSH, but I’m a bit confused. When I log into my old drive (My Book World Edition II (white light)) I get to see all my folders and files. When I log into the new drive (My Cloud EX2) I see nothing…I only see root. I have created folders from the admin section - and they are set as public, shared ftp and nfs.

Any ideas?


Hi, what program are you using to ssh into the drive?

Hey, I use Terminal on my MacBook

I would give FTP a shot. It is pretty straight forward, and in case of a file transfer failure it can resume or there are also multipal options in “File Exist Options” and such. Filezilla is a good program to use FTP.

I used FTP in the end, but would have much preferred to use SSH.
Thanks for your help