New mybooklive can't load the dashboard

Hi everyone,

I purchaced a new mybook live ealier this week and pluged it into my router, loaded up the cd into my computer (running Vista) and everything seemed to go well unil the very end when I got a message saying something along the lines “can’t indenify the drive”

I can’t pull up the drive either via the IP address or by going to http://mybooklive instead I get a message that states:“Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage”

I can see the drive on my computer and can transfer files to and from the drive that way.

I loaded the software on my wife’s laptop that runs Windows 7 and we ran into the same issue of the drive appearing but unable to access the dashboard and getting the error message when trying to look up the drive by IP address.

Too be clear I’ve NEVER had access to the dashboard and have therefore not had the chance to update the firmware, as it seems that I need to have access to the dashboard in order to make the upgrade.

I’ve tried the following fixes with no luck:

I’ve unpluged the drive and re plugged it in.

I’ve reset the router

I’ve unistalled and reinstalled the software from the cd on a computer running windows xp, vista, and 2 computers running windows 7

I’ve done a “hard reset” of the drive

Still no luck.

I just want to access the dashboard to get an access code to be able to view the drive directly from my Ipad. 

I e-mailed this issue to Western Digital on 3/26/2012 and have still not recieved a response 3 business days later.

So hopefully someone can help me-  I’ll admit that I have limited computer skills and if I need to do something involving command promps I’ll need step by step instructions.

If not I think I’ll have to return the drive and start over on a solution to how to store and backup my photos.

Thank you!

Oh, one other odd situation is that I can access the Twonky server but get an error message of “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage” if I just deleate the twonky part off of the IP address. 

I am having the same problem.

I gave up on my one, they are far more trouble than yhey are worth I’m afraid. I built myself a new little computer and installed Windows Home Server 2011, I’m much happier now.