New Mybook live - problems

Connected up the drive to the router and powered up = solid green light

Setup software fails to identify the drive

Direct connection to the browser works and finds the drive but can’t use any of the tools to do anything…numerous error messages 32102 when setting up users, 33166 when trying to set up shares.

Drive appears on network as MYBOOKLIVE and I can acces the files on it…manual etc.

What’s the problem? What can I do? Is it working but the setup isn’t?

Got a PuTTY fatal error at one point during reboot but now have access via the dashboard.


It’s a very common issue but hopefully this fixed you up. Is the WD software now finding the drive as well?

No still won’t find it. I can set up Users etc via dashboard and also mobile access via WD2GO but cannot access from the PC using the Network…I get an access refusal?