New MyBook Live ... green light ... but not "discovered"

I have a new 2TB MyBook Live.  Plugged in, used provided cable to run to router.  Powered up, with a solid green light.

However, when attempting to run Setup, it is not discovered.  Just doesn’t show up anywhere.  I spent about 30 minutes on the phone with WD tech support, and they had me turn off my firewall, reset the MyBook, etc but it made no difference.  They will escalate it to “Level 2” but they only operate weekdays during work hours and I’m attempting to set this up at home, so that’s clearly not going to work for me.

Any thoughts on what I could try?  It sounds like most people are having no trouble getting started on this thing, so it’s frustrating!

Potentially useful info:

OS:  Windows 7 Professional

Attempting this on my work laptop, connected to my home network (via Wifi)

Maybe you should read this:

I really don’t remember what I did (running Win7 Ultimate) when I connected for the 1st time (was a long time ago, 08.2011 I guess) but I’m really sure that I ran the setup from the cd found in the box. Did you?