New My Cloud inaccessible after installing firmware update

So we got a new 4TB MyCloud drive yesterday and setup. Worked great, easily setup on the network (i.e. not connected to my computer). While at the dashboard, I noticed a note about having an out of date version of firmware and to upgrade. Clicked that button and the download and installation process took place. When it was finished, there was a note about the drive rebooting and then about 10 minutes a note that the drive could not be acessed.

The drive has blinking while light and then when I used a paperclip to reboot it, there’s a blinking red light.

How can this be fixed?

Edited to add: Now the it’s a blinking white light, if that matters.

Same issue here but purple light and not blinking.

As with you all installation worked fine and easy to load files in the network.

But after updating firmware it is inaccessible :frowning: