New My cloud firmware update

Since updating to the firmware ending 0034 , I cannot access my cloud. I have done the 40 second reset and unplugged it etc but still cannot access it. When I go into my dashboard its saying at the top its unsecure which is weird. The rest of my system can see the cloud and it shows up on network. But I still cannot access it, it says to accept the security certificate but I am unable to do that because the dashboard cannot find it. Please help if you can, WD do not seem interested.

@Ted1 Since the My Cloud Home does not have a Dashboard, which WD My Cloud do you own? The Firmware for my 1st generation My Cloud ends in 334.


What computer and operating system are you using? Example: Dell, Windows 10 with all updates.

Hi cat0w

My mistake its a My Cloud, and the firmware is v04.05.00-334 ( which is the update causing my problems ).

I am still on Windows 7, and its up to date.


@Ted1 Where in the Dashboard is it showing unsecure?

This image is from my Dashboard.

Are you trying to open it with the Desktop App? I know that no longer works with Windows 10.

What happens when you click on WDMYCLOUD under Network? I get this below when I click on mine.

Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.

He’s probably going http:// instead of https://

I get this image from the desktop app , it clearly says not secure in left hand corner , also note no devices !!! i dont know what has happened since the update , but its not good . And as i have stated i am still on Windows 7 for now.

@Ted1 @socallinux OK, here is what shows on mine using Windows 10 Edge and clicking on the information icon.


If https is used to try and open the dashboard this is what I get and when I click on Enter it does not open the Dashboard.

What happens when you open the Dashboard on the Home tab and use the scroll bar that is showing on the right side? Does Devices, Users, Shares and Content Scan show then?

I use the dashboard icon on my desktop, it used to open fine before the update. So explain to me how I should open it from the address bar please !!
That update has totally messed things up for me.

Just type to us SSL

Even when you use SSL the browser is still going to give you some type of warning and say Not Secure or Cannot be Verified. This is because the My Cloud Cert doesn’t belong to the IP address of the device but the unique FQDN that every My Cloud gets from the WD Cloud Servers and the browser is not aware of it. The Browser is not aware and you cannot access the My Cloud dashboard with that special name. That’s just browser changes though. HTTPS is the way to go

That does not work, it just times out

@Ted1 you must use the IP address of your My Cloud or the NETBIOS name with https

Right click on your desktop icon, then click on properties and see what address is showing. If its not the right address (URL) then it will not open the Dashboard. Change the address so it is correct if you know what it is. Be sure to click on OK!


@socallinux What WD Device do you own, My Cloud Home or a My Cloud?

Its a My Cloud 3tb, and the address is correct .

@Ted1 Does the address that shows under Network>Storage>WDMYCLOUD with a right click and looking at Properties match what you have for the Desktop App Icon Properties. See example image below.

@cat0w I have the original My Cloud, My Cloud PR4100 and My Cloud Home Duo along with a QNAP TS-451 and Synology DS218. Oh and an EX4 that I use for target practice LOL!!