New My book studio problems

So I just bought a 1.5TB My Book Studio and set up time machine with it.  The virtual CD disappeared.  Is that bad? Also how do i change the display? 

Try these:

Unplug the WD drive.

Restart the computer.

Re-plug the WD drive.

Virtual CD icon should re-appear.

If Virtual CD is not appear, you should not worry about it.

Since you are already using Time Machine for your back up.

My WD Smarware will not open.  The VCD appears but clicking on the WD Smartware icon the icon appears in the dock of my iMac momentarily and then disappears.  Also the icon for the My Book Studio has changed from the yellow/gold drive icon to an actual representation of the WD My Book, silver in color, at a slight angle with a symbol for a USB connection or Firewire connection (depending on which is connected) on the side and a small gauge with a dial and green, yellow and red indicators on the dial face.  The gauge needle is in the red.

WD Support has only referred me to the Smartware software update (done) and firmware update (which is apparently only for Essential and Elite models) but I still have no Smartware.  The drive appears okay except for the gauge indicator on the icon and I don’t even know if that is acutally a functional gauge.

I cannot find anywhere or anyway to reinstall the Smartware software.