New My Book Studio 2 weird sound


I bough yesterday a WD My Book Studio 2 2TB with Raid0 setup. 

Drive is connected through Firewire. All updates installed and transfer speed is 80-90MB/sec.

When the drive starts up it makes a scratching noise once or twice. When it’s idle it’s dead silent. When I try to open files or access it after some idle time it makes that scratching noise ( not ticking )  again.

When some apps are accessing the drive in background I hear it as well. It’s irritating at night when I’m sleeping.

Should that be normal ? 


Based on your description the sound that you are experiencing is not normal. Scratching or grinding sounds on a hard drive are indications of failure. I recommend that you contact Western Digital Support in order to have this drive replaced.

You may click on the links below for more information.