New My Book Live - A Couple Of Questions/Issues

Yesterday I purchased my first network drive, I chose the my book live 3TB. Bit of a pain to set up as I had issues with usernames and passwords on my windows 7 system when private shares were created but I have worked that out now. Today I transferred 4,500 photos (around 6gb) to the drive, it took a fair while and was transferring at between 1.6mbps and 2mbps, is this a normal transfer speed? Or should it be faster? I can see that it will take me a long time to transfer all of my movies across. What should the average transfer speed be? My other question/issue is that the drive has been on all day (solid green light, flashes every now and again) but does not seem to sleep. I read in the instructions that it should sleep and the light turn blue? I have not seen this at all yet? In the dashboard settings it is set to sleep. Thanks in advance for any help.

Smaller files will slow it down, but with large files, I average 150x faster than that … 220-240 megabits per second.

Thanks for the reply, so it looks like I have a speed issue here. I am not that cleaver with computers so hopefully an easy fix.

Sorry, my mistake. My transfer speed is 2mb/s

May I ask what your username/password issue was?

I am having a terrible time with my set-up.  I have only one public share but Windows 7 wants a username and password to access it.  So I am basically locked out of my drive.  Your issue may have been compeltely unrelated, but I thought I’d ask anyway.