New My Book Duo (20 TB) will not turn on when connected to power.

My current storage set up is three WD external hard drives (16 TB, 12 TB, 8TB). The 12 TB drive is beginning to fill up, so I purchased a new My Book Duo (20 TB) to replace the 12 TB drive. However, I cannot get the new 20 TB drive to work. When I connect it to the power source, the fan turns on for about 1 second, then turns off. Unsurprisingly, the 20 TB drive does not appear in Devices and Drives.

Could be poor power supply. Can you try with a supply from a good drive?

Thank you for your response to my concern. The drive had been connected to a surge protector that was adequately providing power to other drives. Still, I tried connecting via another surge protector connected to a different outlet. In case the problem involved some weird interaction between the drive and a surge protector, I also tried directly connecting to the new outlet. The results were the same in both cases (the drive turned on for about a second and then turned off). I called WD product support. The engineer there said that the drive was defective and advised me to return the drive for replacement. I did so and received a replacement drive that worked.

J. T. Stocks