New My Book 4TB

My new My Book 4TB won’t come on. I plugged it in exactly as shown on the warranty booklet inside the box, even went online to double-check I was doing it properly, in right order, etc. I had. But … no action on the My Book. I manually downloaded WD Discovery, and some other software components for Windows 10. I can “eject” it, but my Windows Explorer doesn’t see it. When attempting first backup, I got a message that there was “No writable partition” or something like that. There is no light on. There is no humming to indicate that the unit comes on.

Where did I go wrong?!

I’m a computer for dummies type. I don’t know programming without a step-by-step how-to. But this is not my first My Book. The prior one operated beautifully right out of the box for a few years, until it didn’t. Now this one seems to be unworkable at all.

Hi ConnieVH,

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i have the same problem on the same device

Gladly, thank you!
But … where do I find my Community Message Inbox?

Actually, I called the WD support center, and got the help I needed. The tech, Sam, talked me through a reformat of the drive. I would recommend to anyone else with this issue to do the same. It turned out to be really easy - but nothing I would have attempted by myself!

I’m grateful to have this knowledge now. Thanks Sam! Thanks Brandon, and thanks WD!

Thanks Brandon. It’s all good now, as you have discovered.

Thanks for responding!