New Mochi Alaska Icon Menu

Default Mochi Home Menu Replacement with XBMC Alaska Style Icons

How It Was Done
Created an Icon with Resolution of 320 x 273
Resized with an Additional Transparent Layer to 320 x 497
Calculated 497 - (minus) 720 = 223
Numeric Value 223 added to the y=" " coordinate in the rv-home.xml

<mlmenuview ctrlname=“rv-home-menu” changed="@@rv-home-menu-changed" style=“rv_home” draw_init_animation=“0” x=“0” y=“223” w=“1280” h=“497” display_item_cnt=“5”/>

Developed on and for Firmware 2.04.13 (and is limited in compatibility with other Firmware)

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thanks TW for icon alignment enlightment.



its working fine with fw 2.06.10 also

@ Serval

That’s good to hear, thankyou   :slight_smile:

ok nice… and were do i place this?

@ mtfam6

It’s a “Theme” … therefore  it goes into the . wd_tv\theme folder.

Example of installing a Theme here:

great looking theme, awesome work as always.