New Mini will not work with Sony WEGA

I have a new WD Mini that will not work with my five year old Sony WEGA TV. I plugged the component RCA jacks in to my fSony WEGA TV, and the USB jack in my  WD USB Passbook

The WD start up screen appeared in blurry black, and white, and I selected component. Then the screen displayed everything in black, and white but in a double side by side view. I could see the menu but not read it correctly.  I turned everything off, checked to make sure the connections were correct. I tested the component jacks on the TV by plugging my DVD player into them and everything on the SONY TV worked fine. 

When I was confident that everything was connected correctly, I tried the WD Mini again, but now saw nothing except black and white bars traveling across the screen. I powered down and pressed the reset button then powered on again. Nothing helped.

I tired unplugging my DVD from it’s working component connection, and putting the WD Mini  in that component jack, but it changed nothing. Then I removed the component connection, reset the Mini, and tried plugging in the composite jack Once again, I saw the black and white, unreadable double display.

I changed the USB drive from my Passbook to a 8GB Corsair flash drive with nothing but the demo folders, and files on it but it didn’t help.

All other devices plugged into my Sony WEGA work fine, DVD player, VCR, Digital cable box, all work fine plugged into any of the jacks.

Finally I removed the WD Mini  from my Sony TV and hooked it up to the component jacks of  my digital computer monitor  = a Dell 2007wfp with a Corsair flash drive and the WD Mini worked normally… but not on my TV

Why doesn’t the WD Mini work with my Sony TV. Is it incompatible with analog SONY WEGA TVs? I thought it was designed to work with older analog TVs.

Hi Winterlight mine was doing the exact same thing just un hook it  push the reset  ( hole next to the power inlet ) then hook her up again without the hard drive attached , it will ask you to attach the hard drive  and she will be sweet as …cheers Bones:wink:

Thanks, but unfortuently  it’s not working for me. I pulled the jacks, reset the Mini, plugged in the power, video, audio without a drive… but no change. Same problems.

I am having the exact same problem with also a Sony Wega TV- tried resetting but no result. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Same here. I found this thread long time ago but have never seen any response from WD, so I email them for this issue, and this is what they said to me, simple and clear,


Unfortunately, the WD TV Mini is not compatible with every TV.


Sony WEGA series were the mainstream high end TV 5 years ago. I can’t believe WD’s product can not compatible with these TV. The answer sounds like “the new WD harddrive is not compatible with every motherboard, especially the ASUS board you bought 5 years ago…” although that is not true.

So, whoever own both WD Mini and Sony WEGA, go upgrade to a new HDTV (it works fine with my Sharp 52" LCD), or buy another player.

So, whoever own both WD Mini and Sony WEGA, go upgrade to a new HDTV (it works fine with my Sharp 52" LCD), or buy another player.

I take back what I said 2 weeks ago.  THE WD MINI AND SONY WEGA CAN ACTUALLY WORK TOGETHER.

I posted the same question on another AV forum and they told me that if the Mini’s output signal was HD (> 480), my old TV (up to 480) could not support.

Very simple issue and you can solve it with following steps. 

  1. Connect your Mini to a HDTV (LCD, LED, Plasma…).

  2. Reset the resolution to NTSC480i, which is the lowest resolution.

  3. Connect Mini back to the old CRT TV. Now you should be able to see the image.

  4. Reset the resolution to as high as your CRT TV can support.

  5. Enjoy it.:wink:

This setting should be work for most old CRT TV, not only Sony WEGA. If it still don’t work, that mean it is the time for you to buy a new TV.

I believe Bones’ “push reset” trick actually set the output signal back to 480, but I don’t know why it did 't work for me and some other people.