New member help required please

hiya all,

I am a new user to this product, I have just bought the WDTV live and live in the UK and bought from the UK also

I have a few problems i wondered if anyone could shed any light upon.

Once it ‘eventually’ managed to work it went straight to update and updated to the latest firmware ( 1.12.14 ) which i believe went all ok but has thrown up a couple of problems in that it does not show IPLAYER, it wont reset the location ( reason i tried to do this is because i read that it may of not been a UK version posibly so wouldnt show iplayer,

It also wont allow me to connect wirelessly which is a major pain.

It searches for my router, finds my router, allows me to put in the WEP key, but then cannot find or connect to it

One of the main reasons i got the player was for ‘catch up tv’ ie iplayer

I have also tried to see if it was a firmware problem and have looked where to get earlier versions of the firmware but have been unable to find anywhere to download

I am reluctant to send this item back but if it does not do what i thought it would do then it does not leave me a lot of choice really

I previously just used a sumvision cyclone 2 for my media but wanted more usability, wireless and ability to have a catch up tv service as i do not have a ‘smart’ tv with internet connectivity.  I did think that this fitted all my requirements.

Also how do i know if my WDTV is a gen3, gen 2 etc? as i believe there are differences i am presuming mine is the latest 3rd revision

Can anyone help on this please?

Many Thanks

WD’s GeoLocation servers are screwed up.

When they get it fixed, you’ll be able to reset the location and get the correct services.

The geo location server is now back up. Try resetting your player to factory defaults via the internal menu and having another go at setup. You should now find the iPlayer and acetrax in the services.
If your firmware is 1.12.14 then it is a gen3. Out of interest how did you update the firmware without WiFi or did the WiFi screw up after the update.