New media library database structure, covers, video browsing....**bleep**

After reading all the forum and discuss issues related to the image problems “jpg, png, gif” that are visible in the video section on network shares submenu. The question is simple:

If the subtitle files are not visible (such as txt, sub, srt) in the video lists, why images appear on this list?

What does the media library database structure with this behavior?

I bought a device for watching videos, which is designed for that, and has conceptual flaws as surfing videos.

Therefore, Network Browsing: show the entire contents of shared folders (as jpg, srt, etc)
Video Browsing (regardless of source) shows only the video files (with minimal support for subtitles and covers).

If the problem is the write access to shared folders, then just add one ‘if’  to ask about permissions.

This is not a bug, this is not hardware limitation or a design limitation, this is a conceptual problem, its a failure in meeting requirements for this product.

As a software architect and analyst with several years of experience in developing applications of various types, I can say this is lack of budget.

Come on, get to work seriously!.

Mr. “WD” don´t disappoint me.

It’s been that way for YEARS.    I don’t think one more (accurate) assessment is going to change minds.  ;)

I’m a little puzzled why this got moved out of “Ideas” and became just another new thread.

Granted there already are several existing ideas about it, but I’m still a little confused.  If anything, it should have been moved to “General” in the Live/Live Plus section. :wink: