New MBL not working correctly - HELP!

Hello one and all,

I am brand new to the forum and would like to start off by thanking anyone who can give me some advice to hopefully resolving my issue:

I am running the following devices: MBL 2TB, Netgear DGN2000 N wireless Router, iMac OS X Lion, MacBook pro OSX Lion, Macbook (wifes) OSX Lion, HP Probook 4530s Windows 7, iPhone 4 & iPad 2 all able to see the device and the internet.

I just bought a My Book Live 2TB, plugged it into my Netgear and all of the devices listed above can see the two shares My Book and My Book backups. (Now renamed to personalise.)

I used the install CD to install the software on my iMac (OSX Lion) and connected to the Drive over the network (very slow connection, menus take 10-15 seconds to update on dashboard). I set up the drive up with a static IP address and everything looked like it was going well.

Famous last words/thoughts: Notification Pop up on the dashboard advising me that there is an available update for this device. I thought fantastic get the update done whilst I have no data on the drive to avoid any risk of loss.

Click on update OK’d the message and a window opened stating “downloading firmware” …I waited… I waited. 1 hour later still no download progress. Just sat there showing the above message. hit ESC to get rid of the window and tried running it again (not for another hour) but same thing.

Decided to try upgrade from file. Same thing but this time it sticks at “uploading file”. eight out of ten times nothing happens but every now and again I get a message stating check that you have no network issues.

Moved over to Windows 7 and tried again following the process above but same result so not OS related.

I use Chrome on all devices so tried with Firefox, same result. Not browser realted.

On router checked Upnp ports were set up and at first they were and then they dissapeared. perculiar.

Decided to try putting a file on the drive and see if I can play it on another device. Dragged the file over using OSX and I get a progress bar on OSX finder but no movement of data. Eventually it failed.

Ran constant ping to IP address of MBL and every 30 or so packets drop. Contact ping to any other device 100% successful.


So long and short:

New My Book Live 2TB

Netgear DGN2000 Wireless N router drive plugged in via ethernet (I assume at 100/mbps full duplex)

Will not update firmware over internet

Will not update firmware from file

Can not send data to device

All devices can see MBL

Thank you in advance i hope this has been descriptive enough. Sorry if there are resolutions already in place on forum but I couldn’t find them.

Try Quick Factory Restore (in Utilities).

Hello Schwan, Thanks for your reply.

I tried a full factory restore last night and it finshed after 10 hours of processing. ??? **bleep** ??? should it take that long?

I tried to run the update again and exactly the same has happened again.

I am trying a quick restore now although I am not hopeful.

same again

Network “Update firmware” sticks at 0%

Local file update sits at importing file

Yes, Full Factory Restore can take so long.

Well, seems to me it is not a software problem, so check your Network Settings.

What network mode are you using? Static or DHCP? Try to change it or configure it manually if you are using DHCP.

Maybe you have some collision on your network.

How do you connect to MBL? Via web interface and IP adress?

Also you can try to chage ethernet cable if you can. Or try a different router if you have.

If nothing helps, take if and claim it.

Now receiving message “Error 31109 - No internet access, Check your network and try again” but I am remotely connected to my PC from work using so I can definitley see the internet.

I will try changing the ethernet and I dont have another adsl2+ router to try and will not be buying another router just for this to work.  Everything else works fine. Although a gigabit ethernet port would be good as during this process just found out my iMac has a gig ethernet port as well as the NAS hmmm my wife is going to kill me :o)

Think if this is still not fixed after swapping out the cables then I will send the MBL back and get a replacement.

First check or try to change Network Settings (LAN Configuration) in your MBL.

Or you can try to update firmware on your router if there is a newer version (at your own risk). I guess there will be a problem on your LAN, if MBL is not defective.

Jonny:  Good job of network troubleshooting.  ;) The first clue, as you pointed out, is the periodic dropped pings.

Now, really one drop every 30 seconds wouldn’t explain failure in and of itself, but it should really be ZERO.

In addition to cables, try another switch port.  Try making sure the cables are properly “Clicked” into place.  Test the cables on other devices. etc.

Log into your MBL via SSH (instructions are in the forum) and try the pings from the MBL:

  • Ping your router
  • Ping your PC
  • Ping a known good internet address, like your DNS server or

If all of those still indicate problems limitted to the MBL, then yeah, have it swapped.  If not, maybe it can narrow you down…

Hi Tony, 

Have already sent the device back for a refund. 

I tried different cables different switchport, then i realised that  the switchports were flapping on the router.  Tried taking the iMac out of the equation and the flaps were still flapping for another device. iMac back in with new cable and begins flapping again. Isolated the MBL and no more flapping. Plugged it back in and ports flapping again. 

Switchport must be faulty on the MBL. 

Anyway sent it back for a refund and don’t think i will head back down the NAS route after this. 

What a pain.

Thank you for everyones assistance.